The Privatization Commission (PC) seeks to be a good Corporate Citizen in all aspects of its operations and activities. To this end the Commission has prepared this policy that seeks to guide all its stakeholders including PC employees on the Commission’s role and obligation towards the environment and the society. The policy also outlines PC’s commitment to be socially, economically and ethically responsible.

PC’s Commitment

Being aware that good corporate responsibility practice and responsible behaviour are integral parts of sustainable development, the Commission is fully committed to conducting its work responsibly and in the best interests of its customers, employees and other stakeholders that it interacts with that are affected by its activities.In this connection, the Commission’s commitments to its employees, the environment, customers, suppliers and key stakeholders are outlined below.

  • Commission Employees
  • The right to be treated with dignity and respect;
  • A right not to be discriminated on the grounds of race, gender, disability, nationality, religion, philosophical belief, political belief, age, sexual orientation, family status, trade union activity or any other factor.
  • Fair and inclusive practices throughout the Commission’s operations , seeking to eliminate all prejudice, discrimination, bullying and harassment;
  • Productive and safe working environment.